Teacher of the Year

GLOBE realizes that to have world-class students, we must have world-class teachers. For this reason, GLOBE partners with the 11 participating school districts to recognize two teachers from each district who exemplify high standards of the teaching profession. Each Teacher of the Year receives a $200 stipend from Brookshires.

Past Teachers of the Year

2016 – 2017

School Name
Gilmer Intermediate Ginny Matthew
Gilmer High School Tommy Edwards
Gladewater Primary School Emily Brown
Gladewater High Delores Lewallen Lawson
Hallsville Intermediate Kelly Draper
Hallsville High School Debbie Duffee
Harleton Elementary Melinda Ready
Harleton Junior High Gwen Wright
Longview Foster Middle School Lisa Mize
Longview Johnston-McQueen Elementary Angelina Byrd
New Diana High School Alicia Barrett
New Diana Robert F. Hunt Elementary Courtney Verzosa
Pine Tree Junior High School Susan Curtis
Pine Tree Birch Elementary Christen Stowers
Sabine Middle School Erica McPherson
Sabine Elementary School Dana Corbett
Spring Hill Junior High School Tina Lee
Spring Hill Primary Christy Young Smith
Tatum High School Barbara Puckett
Tatum Primary School Christy Lister
White Oak High School Karen J. Wiersig
White Oak Intermediate Stephanie Hunter


2015 – 2016

School Name
Gilmer Intermediate Anne Heflin
Gilmer High School Angie Jones
Gladewater Intermediate Shelby Rockett
Gladewater Middle School Danielle Adamson
Hallsville Elementary Dawn Mohler
Hallsville High School Cody Ferrell
Harleton Elementary LouAnn Morris
Harleton High School Lou Krudewig
Longview J. L. Everhart Bryan Warren
Longview Forest Park Middle School Sylverlene Williams
New Diana Elementary Linda Willeford
New Diana High School George Little
Pine Tree Elementary Renea Farley
Pine Tee High School Jessica Riggs
Sabine Elementary Jaye Burns
Sabine High School Jennifer Davis
Spring Hill Primary Julie Edney
Spring Hill Secondary Sharon Ann Redman
Tatum Primary Teresa Beazley
Tatum High School Kim Bryan
White Oak Primary Kyndra Busha
White Oak Middle School Mellissa Henry


2014 – 2015

School Name
Gilmer Intermediate Lisa Killebrew
Gilmer Bruce Jr. High School Felisha Wilson
Gladewater Bradway Elementary Kelly Carr
Gladewater High School Sam Goldsmith
Hallsville Intermediate Melanie Dulaney
Hallsville High School Tracy A. Dewoody
Harleton Elementary Tina Coyne
Harleton High School Liz Pendarvis
Longview Ware Elementary Shameika Alled
Longview Forest Park Middle School Megan Burns
New Diana Elementary Kim Pearson
New Diana High School Larry Rosemond
Pine Tree Elementary Cheryl Schulik
Pine Tee High School Debra Benner
Sabine Elementary Christy Shelley
Sabine Junior High School Wendy Longhofer
Spring Hill Primary Deborah Qualls
Spring Hill Junior High School Mark Bourdon
Tatum Primary Teresa Nelson
Tatum High School Robin Asaff
White Oak Intermediate Billy Don McBride
White Oak High School Nikki Seimears

2013 – 2014

School Name
Gilmer Elementary Susan Laster
Gilmer Secondary Russell Thomas
Gladewater Elementary Dawn Easley
Gladewater Secondary Jill Smith
Hallsville Elem Rachel Hilchey
Hallsville Secondary Lee Branson
Harleton Elem Pamela  Wright
Harleton Sec Karen Brasher
Longview Elem Sue Webster
Longview Sec Sharon Williams
New Diana Elem Ginger Pope
New Diana Sec Jennifer Hudnall
Pine Tree Elem Dawn Grogan
Pine Tee Sec Jennifer Solomon
Sabine Elem Carla Martin
Sabine Elem April  Washburn
Spring Hill Elem Denise Lattier
Spring Hill Sec Carrie Jones
Tatum Elem Rebecca Gillis
Tatum Sec Angela Garcia
White Oak Elem Kym VanBrocklin
White Oak Secondary Courtney Hollon

2012 – 2013

School Name
Sabine Elementary Jamie Elizabeth Berryhill
Sabine Middle School Pat Morchat
Gilmer Elem Russell Cunningham
Gilmer High School Cara Hume
Gladewater Weldon Intermediate Laura Hawkins
Gladewater High School Nekeshia Lewis
East Elementary School  Hallsville Stacey Perkins
Hallsville  High School Jennifer Roberts
Harleton Elementary Stacey Whitfield Meshell
Harleton High School Lori Michele Davis
Longview-Hudson PEP Emily Holloway
Longview-Judson Middle School Brenda Ann Moore
New Diana ISD Cindi Turner
New Diana ISD Ashley Moore
Pine Tree Elem Lori Ashby
Pine Tree High School Bonnie Edmund
Spring Hill Primary Andrea Irwin
Spring Hill JR High Mark Bourdon
Tatum Teacher Elementary Jackie Davis
Tatum Teacher Secondary Melissa Burrow
White Oak Middle School Monica Floyd
White Oak High School Karen Yoder


School Name
Pine Tree Elem Carol Barnard
Pine Tree High School Cathy Williams
Foster Middle School Jessica Haney
Hudson PEP Leslie Konvalin
Bruce Junior High Vicki Massey
Gilmer Elem Kerry Hradecky
Broadway Elem Kathryne Evans
Gladewater Middle Debra Benner
Spring Hill Inter Carrie Henry
Spring Hill High Karen Brundrett
White Oak Primary Rhonda Noll
White Oak Teacher Rebecca Ganong
Hallsville Teacher 1 Cathy Lilly
Hallsville Teacher 2 Lee Branson
New Diana ISD Dana Yount
New Diana ISD Donna Coleman
Harleton ISD Charla Flowers Lloyd
Harleton Teacher #2 Patricia Cunningham
Tatum Teacher #1 Pamela Prather
Tatum Teacher #2 Tami Turner
Sabine Teacher #1 Denise Cowles Skender
Sabine Teacher #2 Laura Hedrick