My child is not a straight A student. Can he/she be a Texas Scholar?

YES! To be a Texas Scholar, all the student has to do is pass their chosen endorsement and Algebra II if it is not included. In fact, 50% to 70% of seniors in local high schools graduate as Texas Scholars.

Can my child still take vocational education courses and be a Texas Scholar?

YES! Some endorsements include credits for electives that can be used to take vocational education courses.

Isn’t Texas Scholars just for students going to college?

NO! The endorsements were developed with input from business people who need their employees to have these skills so they can compete in a global economy

Won’t taking an endorsement keep my child from participating in extra curricular activities like sports, band, etc?

NO! Each endorsement includes credits for electives that can be used to take extra curricular activities. The graduation rate for students as Texas Scholars (50 – 70%) indicates the typical student can pass these courses with reasonable effort.

How can I help GLOBE achieve its’ mission?

There are many opportunities to help GLOBE achieve its mission by either getting involved personally or through financial assistance:

Volunteer Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities to get personally involved in the lives of students through GLOBE. Presenters of the 8th Grade Presentation make a significant impact on the lives of young people who are about to make some of the most important decisions of their lives. The Career Expo requires numerous volunteers and business representatives who can commit a few hours to help out. Junior Achievement always needs volunteers to conduct their 1st – 7th grade programs that include the GLOBE/Texas Scholars message. Please use the Contact Us page to contact the appropriate committee chairperson if you would like to participate in one of these programs.

Financial Assistance Opportunities

The annual budget for all the GLOBE programs is currently about $20,000, with approximately 25% going to fund the annual Career Expo, 25% for Texas Scholars medallions and 25% for the TOTY Reception. GLOBE is a 501(c3) organization, so any donations are tax deductible. If you would like to make a financial contribution, please contact our assistant treasurer, Cody Bailey