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The Greater Longview Organization for Business and Education

GLOBE Mission Statement

GLOBE sponsors the Texas Scholars Program in collaboration with business and education to improve the regional workforce by helping parents and students understand the maximum value of the K through 12 experience.

GLOBE Vision Statement
  • All high school graduates are well prepared for employment and/or further education opportunities.
  • Students achieve academically regardless of their circumstances or background.
  • Students and parents make informed decisions about post-high-school plans and the requirements to achieve those plans.
  • Curriculum provides challenging options that prepare students for their future career choices.
  • Educators understand and support GLOBE programs.
  • Exemplary education service is recognized and rewarded.
  • Community delivers a consistent message to students about the value of education.
  • Businesses support the GLOBE mission through commitment of resources.
  • GLOBE facilitates effective and coordinated partnerships between business and education.
  • The greater Longview area continues to be recognized as a model for business/education collaboration throughout the nation.

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